We here at Skeeta Foiling Craft are about building boats that everyone can sail. Whether you're a young gun looking to take your first steps in foiling, or an experienced thrill-seeker, there's a Skeeta Foiling Craft model for you!

We have dedicated years to developing boats that minimise set-up time to get you on the water faster. All our boats are designed to be as simple as possible but they don't forsake the all-important factors of performance and fun!  


Sustainable Packaging


We believe in a cleaner future and cleaner water ways.

We aim to reduce all disposable packaging on all our products,

that's why all boats are supplied with protective bags as standard.


The latest in foiling technology

A Safer Ride

Our foiling system dramatically reduces "foiling crashes", making foiling much easier and safer.

The People's Foiler

The height-adjustable wand revolutionises the way you foil. Take command: fly high or low whenever you want, all controlled by the pull of a rope.

Fixed Rudder

By eliminating the need for an adjustable rudder, foiling becomes one step simpler.

Easy Launching

Getting on the water is a breeze: insert the verticals in from above and clip the foils on from below. No need to tip your boat over and carry it.

Sailing Versatility

All Skeeta Foiling Craft models are designed for life, giving you the option of flying high or riding low in displacement mode.

Easy Rigging

No more spending wasted time on the beach. Everything comes pre-assembled and clips together.


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